— Dara Michelle – Style, Elegance, Fashion, Passion

What’s Old is New What’s New is Old

Check out how James King rocked Bulgari’s Serpenti necklace for the 2012 Met Gala!  By wearing this statement piece backwards, she created a layered choker look from the front while accentuating her toned back with the tail of the serpent in a backless gown.  Fast-forward to the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and Jessica Biel rocks her Serpenti frontward, accentuating her bust line.  Her Serpenti also has emeralds, which add a touch of color and bring out the green in her eyes.  Frontwards, backwards, any way you cut it this necklace is OMG AMAZING!!!      



Don’t be afraid to try this at home!!!  Go through your old jewelry and see if you can make these pieces new again by wearing them in a different way.  Try putting them backwards if they were once worn frontwards, layering them, or styling them in an unexpected way!  You will be surprised at how these once considered old pieces become your new favs!!! Send me pictures so I can see what you’ve created.  Have fun fashionistas!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle