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What Happens in the Dressing Room Stays in the Dressing Room

Remember those days when you were first dating your hubby and you actually thought about what you put on under your clothes?!? When what you wore under your stylish ensemble was almost as important (if not more) than what you wore on top. I remember as a newly, smitten 20 something dedicating hours to lingerie shopping in search of that perfect little lacey number that would send him over the edge!!! Ahh, new love!!!! Fast forward to the present and two kids later… between food shopping, driving to and from school, feeding, cooking, bathing, ….etc… It seems that lingerie is last on my list (that is if it even made it to my list).  My poor hubby had been sent to boring panty land!!!!

It wasn’t until a date night at the Bal Harbor shops (for those of you who are unfamiliar the Bal Harbor shops are an exclusive upscale, über fabulous shopping plaza. I personally like to think of it as Miami’s Rodeo Drive or, to my fellow New Yorkers, Miami’s 5th avenue). All it took was one turn into Agent Provocateur and everything changed.  Upon seeing those lacey corsets displayed throughout the store, I remembered how much fun I use to have shopping for lingerie and how it would add such a fun and playful component to our relationship!!! I turned to my hubby, his eyes sparkling, and I knew he was thinking the same thing!!! Reminiscing about our love more than a decade prior before the craziness of marriage, kids and life settled in. It dawned on me that in the throws of the day to day I had forgotten all about this significant part of intimacy. Letting your hubby feel wanted, that you are excited and hot for him… still even after all of this time!!! This is incredibly important!  Just like we like it when our men make us feel beautiful and desired the same goes for them too.  We obviously think they’re sexy and hot so now we just have to let them in on it;) ! 

So, where were we? Oh, that’s right shopping in Bal Harbor! How could I forget!?! Just and FYI, at Agent Provocateur they encourage your hubby to join you in the dressing room to try on the pieces. We had so much fun playing around with all of the lingerie that suddenly, I was feeling more like a sexy playmate and less like a tired mommy of two!!!  Furthermore, unbeknownst to me, a Swarovski crystal whip found its way into the dressing room too (take that Richard Grey)!!

I know, I know you’re thinking after I’ve driven carpool, bathed, fed, food shopped, cooked, and …volunteered to work the book fair at my child’s school the last thing on my mind is lingerie. But, if you try it just once, I promise you will discover just how much a sexy bra and panty can truly enhance your intimacy with your hubby!!! Besides if you’re a fashionista like me think of it as one more thing you get to shop for!!! Chances are you put on a bra and underwear daily (we hope) so why not make them super sexy and over the top!!!! Check out my favorite lingerie looks below! Hubbys out there, if you’re reading, feel free to send me thank you notes and pretty flowers!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

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