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Transitioning to Spring


     Pre- Miami, I always remember this time of year (fashionably speaking) with a little frustration.  I mean here I would be in the midst of “spring,” everywhere I turned were the hottest must-haves and, unfortunately, I couldn’t touch any of it (cue the tears)!!!  Why? Because early spring in NY doesn’t quite equate too sun dresses and sandals.  In fact, it usually means quite the contrary.  Well, lucky for the girls who are totally relating, this season you can just ignore the weather man (even if he is a total hottie) and rock the latest in spring fashion right now!!! How?? Well, with tights of course! Tights are a great way to transition any look from winter to spring! And no I’m not talking about the plane ones your high school English teacher use to wear. This season tights are as hot as the celebrities who’ve worn them. From Bey’s nude fishnets to Rihanna’s faux guarder belts… tights have become this season’s must-have accessory.  Extra bonus: After the kiddies are sleeping you can totally leave these guys on for a little meeting (or whatever you people like to call it) with your hubby!!  Trust me he’ll love it!!! Check out my favorite tight looks below and remember next time you fall head over heals with a spring look know that you can rock it regardless of what your weather app says!

Dara Michelle

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