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This Ain’t Your Mother’s Red Lipstick

Traditional red lipstick takes a dark and sexy turn this season. Dark lipstick is the latest ’90s trend to make a resurrection.   In the 90s, this hue was paired with everything (by everything I mean: false lashes, bold cheeks, matte foundation… you name it and some grunge goddess, baby doll wearing, Courtney Love obsessed fan tried it)!!!  Fast-forward to the present and, dark lips get updated by keeping the rest of the face healthy looking with minimal/natural make-up. This modern take on a 90’s favorite was seen all over New York’s fashion week from Vera Wang’s Goth Bordeaux to Zac Posen’s velvety wine lips by MAC.  Plenty of stunning celebs of every skin tone, from Beyoncé to Kate Bosworth, have swapped out their signature red lipsticks for deep burgundy and nearly black shades too!  I know, I know you’re probably thinking, “So this bold lip can turn heads at glam events and catwalks but how is the everyday women suppose to take part in this dramatic trend?”  The answer:  Think of it as a red lip-  there’s always a time and a place… and an outfit (obviously)!!!  But definitely give it a go (my next-door neighbor is British and I love this expression of hers)!  Still not sure?  Well if you’re comfortable wearing vamp nail polish, think of it as the make-up equivalent.  When applied well and maintained (warning: this is not your typical throw on at a red light while your texting, answering emails, talking on the phone, and drinking coffee type lipstick… you could wind up looking like a hot mess), dark lipstick can look elegant, badass, and unapologetically sexy!!! Check out my favorite looks below!!!

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