— Dara Michelle – Style, Elegance, Fashion, Passion

The Best Part of your Night

      So the other day I was going through my Instagram feed and I came across this:


      Don’t you just love how a single IG post has a way of describing an entire emotional experience in a simple worded sentence plus a few #hastags and an emoji or two!? I mean this exact notion was my college roommates and my mantra for years! When the 4 of us lived together in one house with 4 different closets and 4 different shoe collections – one could only imagine the fun we use to have getting ready which, besides for the very rare occasion, was always a better party than being out #justsayin!!!

      Now almost 14 years later (don’t tell anyone I’ve been out of college for that long) the same holds true today. Taking on the role as wife and mother- let’s just say the moments I have to myself are few and far between.  Sometimes, I can’t even change my tampon without someone barging in!!!  So when Saturday night comes along and our beloved babysitter takes over and relieves me from mommy duties and my husband takes that time to put his head down for some R&R, I make my own little party (for one) in my closet!!!  That one hour of “me” time is something I look forward to all week.  As I light my favorite Jo Malone candles, get my Beyoncé on, sip some bubbly, and decide between the Valentino Rock-Stud or the classic Manolo, I get taken back to those college days when getting ready was just as much fun as being out!!!

      So for those of you who take the “getting ready” part as a chore, this post is dedicated to you.  Instead, take this time and make it a party!   Trust me, it will soon become your favorite part of the night!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle