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     When Miami IT girl Erin Newberg shows up at your casa to play “dress-up” let’s just say it’s a PARTY!!! The best way to describe it is what her mother said the first time I met her (in Neiman’s naturally), “With Erin you get dinner and a show!” And show I did!!! From talking about her hottie Mexican boyfriend to yachting (or canoeing as she calls it), to bonding over all things fashion from her vintage Kelly, her love of Chanel (who doesn’t), her good luck Van Cleef earrings, and the likes, and discussing our newest business ventures!!!

     What happened next- getting down to our undies and trying on our favorite pieces from the Dara Michelle Style collection. On a side note- this girl has the best boobs ever!!! #justsayin You know the kind that doesn’t even need a bra. In fact, that reminds me of the first time I met Erin and her nipples! We were about to go on live TV when the cameraman, in a panic, announced that her nipples would not fly according to network standards. (As only Erin could- she showed up to do a live television segment in a white borderline, sheer button down and no bra.) Next, the people at NBC had to race against the clock and get this nipple problem under control- stat. The solution: Band Aids.  Needless to say problem solved, but not before giving the folks at NBC the best day of their lives!!!

 I digress….

     So where were we…. oh yes, playing dress-up!!!  Erin looked so chic in the collection that our “girl time” ended with an impromptu photo shoot- obviously!!! Check out all the fun below!!!

 xoxo Dara Michelle

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