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     At this point in my life I’ll take my jeans any way I can get them- Distressed, skinny, boyfriend, straight, cropped, etc.!  Don’t get me wrong- I like a pretty party dress as much as the next girl, but that also means actually having time to shave in the shower, and I’ll just get very real for a moment- sometimes my “shower” consists of deodorant and teeth brushing. Gone are the days (pre kids in NYC) of long, luxurious showers with not only plenty of time to shave but time to indulge in all the latest bath products too (a one time favorite activity)!  Currently I’m grateful when I get use soap!  Now a shower is for one purpose and one purpose only: To get clean (ish), and sometimes shave, in 10 minutes flat and  That. Is. It.  Hence why jeans have become a key staple in “mommy wardrobes” all across the globe.

     And while we’re on this subject, white jeans have become my latest obsession!  I always feel chic and sexy in them, even if 5 minutes before I was breaking up a sisterly spat over Shopkins or trying to get gum out of 5 year-old’s hair with peanut butter (I swear it works)!  How I love to wear them?  With all white of course! (I’m a huge monochromatic fan.) That being said, the secret to making an all white look anything but mundane- making sure each piece has various textures! This white lace top (pictured) with flower overlays is EVERYTHING and more, and just what you need if you want to make your all white look pop! And guess what?! You can shop for it now (just click the link) shop.daramichllestyle.com! You will be so happy you did, PROMISE!!!


Dara Michelle




What I Wore:

Top: shop.daramichellestyle.com

Jeans: Rag & Bone

Shoes: Valentino

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