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Step into Spring in White

If you are looking to take a fashionable step into spring, let your shoes lead the way. It looks like white stilettos will be this season’s must-have accessory.  Manolo Blahnik, Kurt Geiger and Jimmy Choo are just a few of the designers at the head – or rather, foot – of this white-hot fashion trend.  Some of the most revered fashion icons (and coincidently some of my girl crushes too) have been spotted rocking white stilettos in recent months; among them are Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Blake Lively.  Still not feeling 100% about trying out this new trend?  Here are some guidelines to help you take your next step (hopefully in a chic white stiletto). First and foremost, it should go without saying that any pair of white shoes should be kept spotlessly clean. Next, they’re not the kind of shoes that look good with an ensemble that shows too much skin – pair them with knee-length skirts and dresses, or a pair of stylish trousers. Nervous about investing in a white shoe for one season; don’t fret!!! White stilettos also look beautiful with a pair of black opaques in colder weather  – as spotted recently during 2013 Fashion Week.  So us fashionistas will be able to rock our white stilettos during fall and winter too!!! So put on your (white) dancing shoes and come join the party!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

white shoes

white shoe collage