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Sex Kitten

Each week I look forward to date-night with my husband!  Something else I look forward to each week … getting ready for date-night (obviously)!!! In college, my roommates and I use to say we would have more fun getting ready to go out than actually being out! Today I wouldn’t go that far, but I do enjoy the hour I get all to myself!  Who knew spending twenty minutes applying make-up could be so invigorating!!! I guess when you’re use to hearing the word “mommy” 20 times in 20 minutes putting on mascara alone in a quiet bathroom can feel like a mini vacation to St. Barth’s!!!

As far as make-up goes I always go a little more dramatic at night swapping my daytime neutrals for deep browns/black.  My go-to date-night look is typically a smokey eye but, this season, I’ve added a new favorite to my list: The sexy cat-eye! The cat-eye has been around since the 1950’s and has been rocked by the world’s most glamorous women- from Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie. The moment my eyes begin to take on their feline shape I immediately start to feel sexy!  These days anything that can make me feel more like a sex kitten and less like a mommy who just wiped a poopie butt (even though this happens to be a very cute butt) I’ll take!  Now where was I …. !?  Oh yeah, I was at sex kitten!!! 

If a little sexy update is just what you need try the cat-eye it’s sure to release your inner goddess!  If the liner is making you feel a little overwhelmed don’t fret!  With just a little practice you will soon master the technique and, before you know it, will be able to get your cat-eye on faster than you can say, “Put the worm down”!!! (Yes my little princess loves to play with worms)! Check out my favorite cat-eye looks below and a little YouTube tutorial to help you purrr-fect your look!!!

Later sex kitten!


Dara Michelle

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