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Once Upon A Time At Nordstrom

It was last week when I had a major shopping emergency. I was supposed to attend a luncheon for the Young Society Of Hope and Love for the Diabetes Research Institute the following day at the St. Regis in Bal Harbor. The theme was “Haute Tea.” Which meant a plethora of your finest teas, oodles of little tea sandwiches, overflowing beautiful blooms, gorgeous china and linens, and of course a fabulous hat which, I hadn’t gotten a chance to get. What’s a mom to do with only an hour before dinner, bath, and bed? Well, take the girls and get my shop on immediately, of course!!! I threw them in to the car and we ran to the mall (only 6 minutes from my house thank g-d). On the way I thought about my plan of attack and decided on Nordstrom since a) I absolutely love their accessory department and b) I felt like it would give me the most options in the shortest amount of time. Also (just an fyi) the kid’s section is right next to accessories so if there was any sign of a tantrum on the horizon, I could always bribe my kids with a balloon (works every time). We got out of the car and headed right to accessories. Within minutes I turn around and my girls have turned, what was suppose to be, a “quickie” shopping trip into an all out fashion production (obviously). With two huge bins of accessories to play with right at their fingertips the aisle at Nordstrom turned into a glamorous runway! I have to thank my girls for always reminding me that life is a gift and to enjoy each moment. And of course there’s always time for a fashion show!!!  Click below to watch!

xoxo Dara Michelle