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Torn Obsessed

My #ootd (outfit of the day):

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 Fresh from the Torn event at MVM Miami and I’m still not over it, clearly. One of my favorites-  this black and white geometric knit dress!  The detail at the waist made this little number so flattering on that it totally had me forget about those 2 times I gained 40+ pounds from pregnancy  (all worth it but, on the same note, not so cute).  It’s also a refreshing take on the classic LBD (little black dress), which I am always in search of.  Easy (check), flattering (check-check), comfortable (check-check-check) – I recommend everyone grabbing this one!!!


I paired the dress with two amazing vintage lucite bangles from C Madeline’s!


I completed the look with Chanel booties and handbag.

image image image

#ootd details:

Dress: Torn by Ronny Kobo

Shoes: Chanel

Bag: Chanel 

Jewelry: vintage lucite bangles from C. Madeleine’s


xoxo Dara Michelle