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Meeting Leo


      Isn’t it amazing how one minute you could be standing in front of the United Nations speaking on behalf of your environmental causes and the next minute at a table with bottles and models… funny how life works!? Although at first it was difficult to spot Leonardo DiCaprio amongst the sea of 20-something model types we finally had our moment. Ask him and he’ll probably remember our encounter just a tad differently but, for me, it felt like it was just Leo and I alone in da club.  Although I typically don’t go for guys with long hair tied in a bun, full beards and cargo shorts for some reason (I think you could figure it out) I seemed to totally over-look it all an envisioned us on the bow of the Titanic gazing at the sea with open arms!!! (Gets me every time!) Dear Leo, It’s been real!


Dara Michelle

The Deets:

Time: 3 am (when most fun things happen duh)

The place: Rec Room

What I wore: A gold knit two-piece by Cecilia Prado

Shoes: Gold embossed YSL tributes

Bag: Gold YSL clutch