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Leather Pants are the New Jeans

If nothing else, every girl this season must own a pair of perfectly fit, über sexy leather pants.  Leather pants are as essential to your wardrobe as your favorite pair of jeans. The price tag is no joke, unless you opt for a less expensive, animal friendly pair (also known as vegan) that can be just as HOT!  Either way it’s an investment worth making, because they are so versatile. From casual daytime (think leather pants paired with a denim button down, cozy sweater, or just a plain white t-shirt) to a cocktail-ready evening (think leather pants paired with a tuxedo blazer and some killer stilettos), and everything in between, leather pants are proven to be a wardrobe staple!!!  If you’re like me anything that can take me from day to evening is super appealing because these days my “shower” consists of reapplying lipstick!!!  So in a haste, leather pants are a great go-to item because with just a change of shoes and accessories you can go from the playground to a fancy dinner party!!!  Anything that can transition your style so quickly and yet look so chic is a must-have for us busy bees!!! Check out my favorite leather pant looks below!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

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