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     Next to chocolate & coffee- crossing things off your never ending “to-do” list feels pretty fu&*ing AWESOME! (I apologize for the latter but another thing that feels pretty fu*&ing awesome- is cursing when your kids are at school)!

     So usually my “to-do” list consists of things like food shopping, returning something somewhere, and Target (yes ALWAYS target)! But then there’s that other “to-do” list- you know the one that sits in the way back of your mind. The one that has things on it like, go paddle boarding and plant an organic vegetable garden. The “list” you typically never get to because you’re just to BUSY with the mundane tasks of everyday life. You know the “list” that holds your dreams, that inspires you and feeds your soul. The “list” you think about possibly getting to when everything else gets done (which never does). The one you think about at night, but forget about in the morning. Well, this week, I get to check off something from that “list” and I’m so excited!!!

     Announcing: SHOP Dara Michelle Style. An online boutique inspired by my fashion blog: www.daramichellestyle.com. Now readers can shop the looks I write about! My goal: To make the world a better place one fashion moment at a time. Thanks again for your continued love and support and for encouraging me to take this next step. I am truly grateful! Here’s to checking off things on your “dream list”!!! And luckily it’s okay to drink champagne at 10am as long as it’s mixed with orange juice and called a Mimosa! L’chaim!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

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