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Giving in Style


     Two things close to my heart- incredibly chic eyewear and giving back to those in need. Now what if we could do both simultaneously!? What if we could rock the hottest vintage-inspired eyewear while helping those in need!?  Well us little fashionistas with big mushy hearts can finally make this notion a reality, and that is by shopping the latest in fab eyewear by Warby Parker!!!  Shopping for a cause… don’t you just love it!?  

     Warby Parker was founded by 4 eyewear obsessed homies whose mission was to “bring unique, vintage-inspired designs to you at a reasonable price.”  (Glasses start at around $95.)  With some of my favs being the Mabel, Greenwich, and Griffin these Warby Parker frames are just what a girl needs if they’re interested in looking totally stylish! More importantly (as if that wasn’t enough) with every pair of sunglasses sold Warby Parker provides a pair of glasses to someone in need.  “With almost one billion people worldwide lacking access to glasses, meaning that 15% of the global population cannot effectively learn or work, Warby Parker was determined to address the problem head on.”  Believing everyone has the basic human right to see they created eyewear with a purpose, and lucky for us this eyewear happens to be totally chic and stylish!!!


Dara Michelle

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