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Finding Zen at the Billboard Awards 2013

Although I just stepped out of an hour and 15 minute yoga class with a sense of serene, blissfulness coming over me I’m quickly brought back down to earth (and not in a good way) when I start thinking about the fashion from Sunday night’s Billboard Awards.  I have to say I was a little disappointed.  Although I do appreciate Taylor Swift’s efforts in a cobalt blue sequin number and Selena Gomez’s futuristic Versace, unfortunately, both looks just did not do it for me.  Now I am the first person to get excited over trends and outside-the-box fashion but the key to making it work, is making it your own; experimenting with the trends while still staying true to yourself.  This was not the case with these girls who looked like they were just trying too hard.  (Fashion aside you girls do rock)!!!

That being said I did happened to find one singer who’s look gave me a sign of relief and helped me get back into my Zen like state.  That is Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry. Sporting a two-piece lace and beaded bodice with a pearl-colored satin bottom Kimberly looked exquisite in Mark Zunino.  The sheer parts of the bodice complimented the more conservative skirt displaying the perfect combination of sexy and classy, a difficult combination to achieve. An extra fashion bonus (like sprinkles on your already delicious ice-cream) this songstress quickly metamorphosized into a Stevie Nicks-esque fringe black mini dress to perform her hit single Better Dig Two!!! Click here to watch the performance!

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