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     When Miami IT girl Erin Newberg shows up at your casa to play “dress-up” let’s just say it’s a PARTY!!! The best way to describe it is what her mother said the first time I met her (in Neiman’s naturally), “With Erin you get dinner and a show!” And show I did!!! From talking about her hottie Mexican boyfriend to yachting (or canoeing as she calls it), to bonding over all things fashion from her vintage Kelly, her love of Chanel (who doesn’t), her good luck Van Cleef earrings, and the likes, and discussing our newest business ventures!!!

     What happened next- getting down to our undies and trying on our favorite pieces from the Dara Michelle Style collection. On a side note- this girl has the best boobs ever!!! #justsayin You know the kind that doesn’t even need a bra. In fact, that reminds me of the first time I met Erin and her nipples! We were about to go on live TV when the cameraman, in a panic, announced that her nipples would not fly according to network standards. (As only Erin could- she showed up to do a live television segment in a white borderline, sheer button down and no bra.) Next, the people at NBC had to race against the clock and get this nipple problem under control- stat. The solution: Band Aids.  Needless to say problem solved, but not before giving the folks at NBC the best day of their lives!!!

 I digress….

     So where were we…. oh yes, playing dress-up!!!  Erin looked so chic in the collection that our “girl time” ended with an impromptu photo shoot- obviously!!! Check out all the fun below!!!

 xoxo Dara Michelle

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     When Blake Lively aka Serena van der Woodsen rocked this handbag on Gossip Girl back in 2012 (pre Ryan Renolds and baby) it was love at first sight!!! From then on I’ve been lusting over this Emily Cho New York “cult” favorite clutch.  Everyone from the Kardashians to Vanessa Hudgens and model Wang Xiao (to name a few) as well as every New York “it girl” in between has been after this bag.  Hence why it’s already sold out on Gilt.com. Lucky for me I got an opportunity to chat with Emily Gellis, one half of the talented designer duo behind the Emily Cho handbag line.  Lucky for you click here to shop Emily Cho and type in promotional code style for an additional 20% off at check out!  Check out the full interview below and happy shopping!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

image imageimageimageimageimage

How did you start your label?

     When SJ and myself met we were both working for contemporary clothing label: Ronny Kobo. We saw a void in the handbag market, more specifically the contemporary handbag market. With myself have buying experience from intermix, and SJ clothing design, we had to study hard. We cut open a few Chanel bags, studied MIU MIU and Margiela construction, and a year later we had an amazing proto.

How does it work having 2 designers working on one label? Do you each design separate pieces or do you work together?

       I am what you call a creative designer. I see what is trending, and what is saleable. I handle all color and we work together on what texture and material work best for each bag. SJ is a true talent (I am not in the field of design). For example, SJ designed our best selling folded clutch from scratch. I am responsible for the oversized lady t idea. SJ really executes my vision because I couldn’t sketch for my life!

What kind of person wears your handbags?

     Everybody! We sell from teens, to their grandmas! From NYC to Qatar, London to Australia, California to Hong Kong. We have an international clientele that loves Emily Cho. That amazes me.

What was your inspiration behind your most recent collection?

      SS15 is light and happy. Repeat colors and bodies because clients want more! Our famous floral Matisse is coming back too. We go live with GILT around May 1-15. We love working with them because they expose our brand to millions of girls and they get a great deal. Everyone wins. FW15 is top secret and almost done! Hopefully you can see it in the paper after we show on February 11th!

What’s it like to see someone on the street wearing one of your creations?

       Amazing. I spotted a stranger at the U.S. Open This summer wearing the mini lady t in poppy! I shrieked dad OMG!!!!! It’s cooler than a celebrity wearing it. These are real girls who take their disposable income and buy our bags; it’s really an honor.

How do you approach a new collection? 

      Lol we are always late, rushing, and what we least expect to be the winner is normally the best seller. We have no strategy, that’s fashion for you!

Do you have a favorite handbag designer that you admire?

       I think a few houses have my heart. Louis Vuitton is a classic favorite, currently CELINE, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, I see them doing their thing. 

What’s next for Emily Cho?

     A complete collection of maybe clothing/ shoes in 2016. A pop up Hamptons store in 2015!

What’s in your bag?

     Haha everything! Money, gum, lip-gloss and sunglasses.


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 This week we said goodbye to one of the world’s most legendary fashion designers, Oscar de la Renta.  He spent half a century putting high society in haute couture. Among them – every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy and Hollywood starlets Amy Adams, Sara Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba (to name a few) and, most recently, George Clooney’s bride Amal Alamuddin.

“The fashion business says goodbye to a mentor, a legend & an icon,” designer Kenneth Cole tweeted Monday night. “He defined a standard we can only aspire to.”

Today we remember how he lived- by making women feel beautiful in wearable art. Take a look at my favorite Oscar de la Renta pieces as we pay tribute to Oscar.
xoxo Dara Michelle












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An interview with Taylor King: Wifey, mother and co-founder of Haute Vault.




Think rocking expensive jewels “on loan” are just for celebrities…. Hollywood starlets who get hand selected by a particular designer who then, collaborate with that celebrity’s stylist in an effort to create a MAJOR RED CARPET MOMENT complete with breathtaking bling?!! Well think again!!! Now, we can all indulge and have our very own MAJOR FASHION MOMENT thanks to Hautevault.com.  “A company featuring a members-only, online portal for fine jewelry and luxury timepiece RENTALS (with the option to purchase should a member so desire).”  With four easy steps: Rent, Receive, Rock, and Return you too can feel like a celebrity and bring the red carpet to any occasion!!  Think of it as having a one-night stand with the hottest boy ever.  Except this “boy” comes in the form of diamonds, doesn’t talk, and sparkles!!!  Sounds amazing, right?!!  Below I catch up with co-founder (her partner is her adorable hubby Jono) of Hautevault.com and dear friend Taylor King.  This hottie is a devoted wife, loving mother, and runs a company and does it all in stilettos and diamonds!!!

This one time, I was in her kitchen and saw it all go down first hand.  I walk in and there’s Taylor pureeing organic peas (for her patiently waiting daughter) in 160mm Louboutin’s, a Herve Leger bandage dress, and all her jewels and I’m thinking holy sh*& this girl is thehottest thing I’ve ever seen. I thought, “Whatever she’s taking I’ll have two please!”  We needed to have a sit down ASAP…. so I could get to the bottom of all this hotness going on.  I needed to know everything!!!!  Check out my interview below and don’t be surprised if you find yourself making your next meal in stilettos too!   Who knew motherhood could be so sexy!!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

What was your inspiration behind Haute Vault?
Wanting to change the way people wear, experience, and buy jewelry and watches. We wanted people to have what they wanted, and not have to wait a lifetime to wear the watch or jewels of their dreams. Since we allow our members to rent, and use part of their rental equity to purchase, it’s a savvy way to enjoy the luxury jewelry experience.

What is it like to build a business with your hubby?
He is my best friend and soul mate so it was totally natural, exciting, sometimes crazy, and an incredible learning process. Being together as much as possible was the whole point…we are a good team. We have grown together as entrepreneurs, individually and as couple, learning so much throughout the process. You learn that making mistakes are ok!

How do you define luxury? 
When you feel that confidence of knowing you have achieved something great, be it getting an infant out of a temper tantrum or selling your company for a profit. When you have that swagger that comes from your inner goddess knowing she just kicked some wife, mommy or business ass. Feeling totally amazing and reveling in your experience, being able to share time with the people you love, knowing you nailed a look you were trying, a dose of sparkle and a tasteful timepiece and amazing food and vino….or all of the above. Ok , that’s a little fluffy, but true. -Of course, everyone’s definition varies, but mine personally always includes all of the above and my hubby, my baby girl, sick shoes,  & DIAMONDS BABY!!!!!!

Who is your ideal client?
Everyone who loves watches and jewelry

Is there one piece in “The Vault” that you think every woman/man should experience wearing?
For men, it’s the first dream watch or the next collector’s piece they want to try…An IWC Big Pilot or Portofino or a Breguet are so highly coveted. For women, it’s the ultimate diamond Necklace and Diamond Chandelier Earrings. We have many amazing sets at Hautevault.com, there is a difference when you wear real diamonds ( women actually make primal noises, it happens every time they try on or wear a piece), now we make it accessible to everyone!

What comes first outfit or jewelry?
It depends…mostly I buy classics, with a few trends mixed in-I am a chameleon and love to play with different styles, but I am like a little girl when we acquire a new piece, I love to style around the jewels. But, at the end of the night, the jewels stay on, the dress doesn’t:)

What do you look for when choosing a piece of jewelry for “The Vault?”
I like to make sure we have something for everyone in every price range.  I want to make glamour, diamonds, jewels, watches and luxury accessible to everyone.  We also consider things we would like to see each other in.

In a haste what’s your “go to” piece of jewelry?
My diamond Riviera necklace & wedding band because I always want to feel like my husband is with me.  My necklace was my push present for having my daughter. Two of the best days of my life are when I married my husband and gave birth to my daughter and each of these pieces symbolizes that.

What’s your secret for managing motherhood, wifeyhood, and owning your own business, and doing it all in diamonds?
Having a lot of patience, setting realistic expectations, and picking my battles. I try to savor every moment with my family and let myself truly be present. I always take care of my hubby in everyway and when I feel sexy and beautiful, it makes my confidence soar, with that, I can tackle anything. I have learned with motherhood to embrace the imperfections of daily life and roll with it.


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Every makeup artist I have ever spoken to says eyebrows are the most important facial feature. Eyebrows serve as the perfect frame for the rest of your face. The importance of your brows on the outcome of your overall look is truly paramount.  So how do we get the most out of these hairy things above our eyes??? Well, shaping them of course!!! You really don’t realize just how important your eyebrows are until you get them shaped.  A perfectly groomed eyebrow can make your entire face look lifted, more youthful, and perfectly in proportion.   My go-to for the perfect eyebrow fix?   Laura Webb at the Anastasia counter in Nordstrom at the Aventura Mall.   She is no joke when it comes to eyebrow shaping.

Check out my interview with her below and how to enter for a chance to win a free Anastasia eyebrow service.

What are the brow trends this season?
-Brows trends this season are focused on full and bold. Keeping a natural shape with a soft arch and using brow powder to accentuate your shape is highly recommended.

What’s the first thing you look for when assessing a client’s brows?
-The first thing we look at when assessing a client’s brow is their fullness. If the brow has had previous shaping that caused holes, unevenness, or thinness of the brow we point that out before the initial service. We go over the brow with the client every service visit to see how shape is progressing. We want your natural fullness and shape to grow in so we can perfect your eyebrows.

What is the rule of thumb for shaping a client’s brows?
-The rule of thumb when shaping a clients brow is to make sure you measure the starting, arching, and ending point of the brow before you begin your shaping. This will allow the brow specialist to make sure that the brows are symmetrical.

How would a client maintain their brow shape during appointments?
-In between appointments, we usually recommend the client not worry about their brows. Especially if growing them out from a previous over tweezing or waxing of the shape. If necessary, tweezing the hairs along the brow bone can be done to give a cleaner look until ready for your next appointment.

Why are shaping brows important?
-The eyebrow is the frame of the face. If we do not shape it can look overgrown and messy. The shaping allows us to give you a natural eyelift and to frame the face with beautiful looking brows. A fuller brow is a younger brow, so it is important to not over do the tweezing and waxing.

Dying to see what all the fuss is about? It’s giveaway time!

Here’s how to enter:
1. Have your friends “like” my Facebook page.
2. On my page, in comments, write the name of your friend who liked my page and both of you will be entered to win.
3. The more friends you have “like” my page the greater your chances of winning!
What’s up for grabs?! Two free brow services from Anastasia at the Aventura location.  Winners will be announced on Thursday, July 11th.

Once you shape your brows you’ll never go back! Promise!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

Curious? Check out this behind the scenes look of a full eyebrow service by Anastasia Brows. 







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An Interview with Lori Zaslow
co-founder of Project Soulmate
 and star of
Bravo’s hit series The Love Broker


Before we start harmonizing with Bey, “if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it” IT all begins with a first date!  As we get ready for our first date, one of our biggest dilemmas is what to wear??  I wanted to bring you the best advice for this most important question and thought hands down the best person to ask would be Lori Zaslow co-founder (her partner Jenn Zucher is her childhood bestie from camp, love it!!!) of Project Soulmate, a New York-based boutique matchmaking service for upscale singles and the star of Bravo’s hit docu-series the Love Broker.  Lori Zaslow has one mission: Finding her clients true love, one date at a time!  Check out my interview with the über chic matchmaker on what to wear date number one!!!

What is it about matchmaking that you love?
I love love! Both Jennifer and I are very much in love with our husbands and are passionate about the importance of finding the right person. What we’ve learned from our own experiences and from our clients have been crucial to guide them in the ways of love.

What is one fashion rule to never break when out on a first date?
Look sexy not slutty. Never expose too much cleavage because you want to leave something to be desired!

The truth, do women dress for men or other women?
I would say 70/30 women dress for women.  I have found that women in relationships dress for women but should dress for their man.  Single women mostly dress for men!

What are men’s favorite looks?
It really depends on the guy however, I can say that no guy likes a skinny, skinny woman. Real men love curves!!!  In all my years of working as a matchmaker I’ve never had a guy be like, “Yah I’m dying for a skinny, flat chested girl,” Never!!!!

How should one dress for a first date?
Always choose something that you feel good in.  You should look sexy not slutty, be comfortable, and most importantly smell good!

What did you wear on your first date with your husband?
I wore skinny jeans and cute shoes, the epitome of casual and sexy.

What does he remember about it?
Interestingly he remembers my manicure.  He always said he loved that I was well groomed!!!  He also remembers a cool necklace that I had on.

What’s the most important dating advice you can give to anyone who is looking for love?
Be positive and be present and smell fuc&%^* good.  If you don’t smell good who cares about what you’re wearing!  I recently set up this client with a really hot guy and when she came back to discuss she told me he smelled like mothballs!!!!! Now, what can I do with that???


Lessons of the day:
*I apologize Christian Louboutin, but comfort is a must!!! So leave your 160mm Louboutins home (well at least for date number one)!!!
*Remember to DRESS sexy for your HUSBAND.  On date night choose something that your hubby will love to see you in (keep in mind this may differ from what’s hot off the runways and the trendiest at the moment).  What’s most important is that your hubby will barely be able to keep his hands off of you!!  You can go back to your stylish, fashion forward, hotter than Vogue self the following day! Promise!!!
*NEVER leave home without deodorant and fancy perfume!  My favorite an oldie but a goodie: Quelques Fleurs
*Be positive and present!  Earmuffs: Put the fuc$%^ing phone down!!!!
*Most importantly, make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing so you can ROCK it!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

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An Interview With The

Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Guru


What made you become a stylist?  
When I entered the fashion industry by working a retail job somehow, along the lines, I organically fell in love with the effects of styling. I found it unbelievable that by helping someone look and feel there best, I had the ability to give them more confidence and comfort with who they were.

How did you get your start?
I started by working in retail at Scoop in East Hampton when I was 17. After breaking sales records during my first month of working, what was then a summer job, I realized “hey, I’m actually good at this” and that this could be more than just fun!

How would you define your personal style?
My personal style is inconsistent as it is based on my mood and the weather, which are ever changing. However, I do have some signature styles I am known for such as: Vintage rock tees, archival Chanel, pearls, mixed hardwares, hats/ hair accessories, and local collectibles from my international travels.

Who or what inspires you on a daily basis?
I am inspired mostly from my surroundings and the past.

What is your favorite look from the spring 2013 runways?
I was happy to see a lot of lace on the runways for S/S 2013. I love lace!

What always catches your eye when you’re shopping?
The word: Vintage!

What is the most meaningful thing in your closet and why?

My gold “Lauren” necklace with little pearls on each side of my name… My Daddy gave me it for Hanukah when I was a little girl and I rarely take it off. For the record- I had mine many years before the character Carrie Bradshaw existed. I hate when people say I have the “Carrie” necklace, cause I think of mine as my “Daddy’s Girl Forever” necklace.

What is your favorite store and why?
What Goes Around Comes Around is hands down my favorite store! Aside from the Soho location being my home away from home and the WGACA team being a second family by now (I’ve been a customer since they opened in ‘93), I love that visiting WGACA is always an adventure and an experience… Everything from my favorite vintage concert tees to archival Chanel comes from there. It is my favorite playground in NYC!!! The one in LA is becoming a favorite as well since I’ve been visiting the west coast so often lately.

What has been your favorite client styling moment?

Styling my first show for Mercedes Benz Fashion week and realizing “Wow, this is a big deal!!!” I truly am really blessed and grateful to do something that I love everyday. Getting paid to do it is a major bonus.

Which celeb would you love to style?
Someone I would love to style is Zoë Deschanel! She is one of my favorite women in Hollywood and I’d love to be the one to give her a “moment” on the red carpet. She kinda kicks ass.

What are the top five items every woman needs in her closet?
1. Go-to little black dress that no matter what your mood you always feel confident (also it’s easy to dress it up or down)
2. Strand of pearls
3. Oversized sunglasses for the days you just aren’t feeling it
4. Black leather jacket
5. Black/neutral pumps that are high and sexy, but also comfortable enough to dance in as you never know where a fun night may lead

Any fashion trend that you are just not feeling?
Hard to answer this one… I don’t follow trends, I like to make my own. That being said, I do strongly dislike polka dots. Pin dots are fine, but polka dots make me uncomfortable. Weird, I know, but true.

If you could choose any celebrity to “make-over” who would it be and why?
Christina Aguilera. She is my favorite female vocalist and I really believe her voice is truly G-d sent. I think if her style was as fly as her vocal pipes she could be an even bigger star than she already is.

Which celebrity in your opinion has flawless style?
Gwen Stefani.

In haste what are your go-to items?

Audemars Piguet Millenary watch, vintage Chanel belt and bag, Rag & Bone dark skinny jeans, Chanel ballet flats, a vintage concert tee, “Lauren” necklace, ring from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and tons of wrist candy including M. Cohen, Electric Picks, Ariel Gordon, and my favorite bracelets I bought from some children on the streets in Punta Del Este Uruguay. And if I’m really rushing I’ll definitely wear a hat to save time; the hat will probably be a vintage
bowler/fedora or if new, by Christy’s or Sherels.

Name 3 fashion rules you never break?
1.Your best accessory is your confidence. If you can’t wear that, you may as well stay home.
2.If you want to wear gold AND silver, wear at least one visible piece that combines both hardwares
3.No tights with peep toe shoes


Hope you enjoyed the interview with Lauren Rae Levy as much as I have and maybe became a little inspired to discover the fashion stylist within!!!

Lessons of the day:
*Every girl needs:
1.A little black dress
2.A strand of pearls
3.High stilettos that you can dance in (who would of thought)
4.Oversized sunglasses
5.A leather jacket
*Go on an adventure to your local vintage store for some unique fashion finds that you can make new again!
*Your best accessory is your confidence. So, rock it girls!!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

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Sliding into Spring

photo of the wordy girl

wordy girl writing

How did you first get interested in fashion blogging?
Honestly, I was sick and tired of hearing from my editors from other major cities that “Miami girls are cheesy,” or “Miami has zero fashion sense.” This blog is a testament to the notion we Miami girls have crazy, cool style, too. Buzz off, haters!

How do you describe the fashion scene in Miami compared to other major cities/fashion capitals?
Miami boasts a warmer climate and has a huge Latin American influence as opposed to other major cities. With that said, these two factors shape our sartorial choices in a major way.

Describe your personal style?
My personal style is classic with an edge. At 36 years old and as a mom of two, I don’t succumb to trends the way I used to. I invest my money in classic pieces and private schools — ha!

Who are your favorite designers and places to shop?
I adore Phillip Lim, ALC, Kimberly Ovitz, Helmut Lang, 7 Jeans, Chanel, Balenciaga, Prada and Jimmy Choo and wear them quite often. I shop at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbor, Shopbop.com and Sawgrass Mills for deals quite regularly.

The first thing you look at in another person’s outfit is:
Hair! Good hair can make or break a look. It’s my creed.

A fashion rule you never break:
I never want to look like I’m wearing a costume. Costumes are for trick-or-treating, silly kids.

What do you think is the most recent notable trend to appear/reappear, and what are your thoughts on it?
Neutrals are back as is the color black — which I love. I also adore minimalist silhouettes like Kimberly Ovitz’s designs. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of masculine-inspired looks, too.

What is your next “must have” purchase?
A Chanel Boy Bag. Sigh. It’s the label’s biggest initiative and I. Need. It.

When in a haste what is your go-to fashion item?
Skinny jeans, a monochromatic blouse, sick heels, an IT bag and a professional blowout from Blo Midtown. It always does the trick!

Are there any fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire?
Diane Kruger and Gwyneth Paltrow shut it down every single time — they are amazing, really.

What fashion item can’t you live without?
I can’t live without my Balenciaga bags — they are the one fashion item that gets better with age, which is a feat!

What would you say to someone wanting to start his or her own fashion blog?
Just do it. You have nothing to lose and good things will come. Promise!

When choosing what to wear, what do you start with, what do you end with?
My mood dictates everything. So it starts with my mood and ends with a killer pair of stilettos, OBVIOUSLY!!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading the interview with MARIA TETTAMANTI of The Wordy Girl as much as I have and embraced a thing or two!!!

Lessons of the day:
1.Great Hair = Great Outfit
2. A sexy stiletto is essential
3. Invest in classic key pieces
4. We Miami girls have crazy, cool style, too!!!
5. Diane Kruger & Gwyneth Paltrow will never disappoint whenever a little “style pick me up” is needed!!!

XOXO Dara Michelle

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All About Accessories 

An interview with Romi Alhalel & Allyson Papunen of

Lola James Jewelry


How did you start your label?

We started designing and creating pieces for ourselves.  Before we knew it everyone was asking how they could get them.  We met after establishing our own lines and decided that teaming up would be more fun so we combined forces.

How does it work having 2 designers working on one label? Do you each design separate pieces or do you work together?

More often than not, one of us comes up with a design idea and the other one immediately has a way to improve upon it. Our designs are a true collaboration. It’s a very organic process.

What kind of person wears your jewelry? 

We are our target customers. Our jewelry is both luxurious and affordable. Our target customer loves fashion and loves to layer and incorporate jewelry into their everyday wardrobe.

As designers, where do you draw your inspiration from? 

We are inspired by fashion trends and incorporating them into our everyday life. We are always looking for inspiration: A color, a shape, a material that catches our eye.  We have an appreciation for all types of jewelry but create pieces that we would wear.

What’s it like to see someone on the street wearing one of your creations? 

It is amazing!  It is a huge sense of accomplishment to know that people love our pieces!

What are upcoming trends in the jewelry design industry?

What’s hot in jewelry mirrors fashion trends we are currently seeing on the runways.  Layering is always popular and emerald green is all the rage right now!

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special?

We have so many pieces that are special to us.  It is impossible to choose!  Some of our favorites include: Want, Love, Need bracelets, Luck Necklace, Smokin’ Hot bracelet, Simply Chic necklace, and our Light My Sapphire necklace.

What accessory red carpet moment do you find most memorable?

Who can forget those emerald green earrings Angelina Jolie wore to the 2009 Academy Awards.  Amazing!

Do you have a favorite jewelry designer that you admire? 

We have always loved Chanel jewelry.  It is classy, elegant and timeless.

Name a Lola James piece that everyone should have. 

Our Want, Love, Need bangles are a must just like their name!

What is next for Lola James? 

We are currently working on our Fall 2013 collection.  It is going to be our best yet! Definitely stay tuned to check it out!

How do you choose your jewelry for day/night?

For day we are jeans and tee shirt kind of girls. Our signature look is a stack of bracelets and layered necklaces meant to compliment any basic look. For nighttime, we usually add a little more sparkle from our line. Our jewelry reflects us, and the style of its wearer, and how they chose to incorporate our jewelry into their look.

Layered necklaces!!!

Layered necklaces!!!

Stack your bangles high for a totally fun "arm party! "

Stack your bangles high for a totally fun “arm party! “

Lola James jewelry is designed by jeans and t-shirt girls who stack their bangles for an “arm party” and layer multiple necklaces giving Big style to their basic look!!! 

Dying to shop the Lola James look??? Check out www.lolajamesjewelry.com and type in daramichcellestyle as the promotional code for a 15% discount!!! Can’t wait to see you in head to toe Lola James!! Happy Shopping!!!!

Remember to “like” my Dara Michelle Style page on facebook and follow me on instagram for more style inspiration!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle


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