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Back-to-School Shopping Gone Glam

Now that the school year is officially in full swing, we can finally celebrate a major “check” on our to-do list as far as our back-to-school shopping goes! Besides the routine crayons, glue sticks, and pencils, each year things get a little more complicated when it comes to deciding on the backpack.  And I totally get it since this is one of the only forms of self-expression my uniform wearing little one gets to employ!!!  We settled on an adorable bubblegum pink and turquoise tie-dye one with bedazzled hearts on the front (obviously).  And just as I was about to relax (as in sit down for 30 seconds) I’m reliving the back-to-school shopping experience once again except, this time around, I’ve escaped the walls of target and entered the trés chic walls of Neiman Marcus!!! So what does Neiman’s have in common with back-to-school shopping?  This season, backpacks aren’t just for back-to-school anymore.  Every top designer from Louis Vuitton to Chanel are making their own interpretation leaving the backpack on every fashion “it” girl’s must-have list. From bags that are made of luxurious leather to those that are fashionable in design and shape, these runway worthy backpacks scream glamour!!!  Check out my favorites below!!!
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