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An Interview with the Love Broker

An Interview with Lori Zaslow
co-founder of Project Soulmate
 and star of
Bravo’s hit series The Love Broker


Before we start harmonizing with Bey, “if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it” IT all begins with a first date!  As we get ready for our first date, one of our biggest dilemmas is what to wear??  I wanted to bring you the best advice for this most important question and thought hands down the best person to ask would be Lori Zaslow co-founder (her partner Jenn Zucher is her childhood bestie from camp, love it!!!) of Project Soulmate, a New York-based boutique matchmaking service for upscale singles and the star of Bravo’s hit docu-series the Love Broker.  Lori Zaslow has one mission: Finding her clients true love, one date at a time!  Check out my interview with the über chic matchmaker on what to wear date number one!!!

What is it about matchmaking that you love?
I love love! Both Jennifer and I are very much in love with our husbands and are passionate about the importance of finding the right person. What we’ve learned from our own experiences and from our clients have been crucial to guide them in the ways of love.

What is one fashion rule to never break when out on a first date?
Look sexy not slutty. Never expose too much cleavage because you want to leave something to be desired!

The truth, do women dress for men or other women?
I would say 70/30 women dress for women.  I have found that women in relationships dress for women but should dress for their man.  Single women mostly dress for men!

What are men’s favorite looks?
It really depends on the guy however, I can say that no guy likes a skinny, skinny woman. Real men love curves!!!  In all my years of working as a matchmaker I’ve never had a guy be like, “Yah I’m dying for a skinny, flat chested girl,” Never!!!!

How should one dress for a first date?
Always choose something that you feel good in.  You should look sexy not slutty, be comfortable, and most importantly smell good!

What did you wear on your first date with your husband?
I wore skinny jeans and cute shoes, the epitome of casual and sexy.

What does he remember about it?
Interestingly he remembers my manicure.  He always said he loved that I was well groomed!!!  He also remembers a cool necklace that I had on.

What’s the most important dating advice you can give to anyone who is looking for love?
Be positive and be present and smell fuc&%^* good.  If you don’t smell good who cares about what you’re wearing!  I recently set up this client with a really hot guy and when she came back to discuss she told me he smelled like mothballs!!!!! Now, what can I do with that???


Lessons of the day:
*I apologize Christian Louboutin, but comfort is a must!!! So leave your 160mm Louboutins home (well at least for date number one)!!!
*Remember to DRESS sexy for your HUSBAND.  On date night choose something that your hubby will love to see you in (keep in mind this may differ from what’s hot off the runways and the trendiest at the moment).  What’s most important is that your hubby will barely be able to keep his hands off of you!!  You can go back to your stylish, fashion forward, hotter than Vogue self the following day! Promise!!!
*NEVER leave home without deodorant and fancy perfume!  My favorite an oldie but a goodie: Quelques Fleurs
*Be positive and present!  Earmuffs: Put the fuc$%^ing phone down!!!!
*Most importantly, make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing so you can ROCK it!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle