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An Interview with Emily Cho


     When Blake Lively aka Serena van der Woodsen rocked this handbag on Gossip Girl back in 2012 (pre Ryan Renolds and baby) it was love at first sight!!! From then on I’ve been lusting over this Emily Cho New York “cult” favorite clutch.  Everyone from the Kardashians to Vanessa Hudgens and model Wang Xiao (to name a few) as well as every New York “it girl” in between has been after this bag.  Hence why it’s already sold out on Gilt.com. Lucky for me I got an opportunity to chat with Emily Gellis, one half of the talented designer duo behind the Emily Cho handbag line.  Lucky for you click here to shop Emily Cho and type in promotional code style for an additional 20% off at check out!  Check out the full interview below and happy shopping!!!

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How did you start your label?

     When SJ and myself met we were both working for contemporary clothing label: Ronny Kobo. We saw a void in the handbag market, more specifically the contemporary handbag market. With myself have buying experience from intermix, and SJ clothing design, we had to study hard. We cut open a few Chanel bags, studied MIU MIU and Margiela construction, and a year later we had an amazing proto.

How does it work having 2 designers working on one label? Do you each design separate pieces or do you work together?

       I am what you call a creative designer. I see what is trending, and what is saleable. I handle all color and we work together on what texture and material work best for each bag. SJ is a true talent (I am not in the field of design). For example, SJ designed our best selling folded clutch from scratch. I am responsible for the oversized lady t idea. SJ really executes my vision because I couldn’t sketch for my life!

What kind of person wears your handbags?

     Everybody! We sell from teens, to their grandmas! From NYC to Qatar, London to Australia, California to Hong Kong. We have an international clientele that loves Emily Cho. That amazes me.

What was your inspiration behind your most recent collection?

      SS15 is light and happy. Repeat colors and bodies because clients want more! Our famous floral Matisse is coming back too. We go live with GILT around May 1-15. We love working with them because they expose our brand to millions of girls and they get a great deal. Everyone wins. FW15 is top secret and almost done! Hopefully you can see it in the paper after we show on February 11th!

What’s it like to see someone on the street wearing one of your creations?

       Amazing. I spotted a stranger at the U.S. Open This summer wearing the mini lady t in poppy! I shrieked dad OMG!!!!! It’s cooler than a celebrity wearing it. These are real girls who take their disposable income and buy our bags; it’s really an honor.

How do you approach a new collection? 

      Lol we are always late, rushing, and what we least expect to be the winner is normally the best seller. We have no strategy, that’s fashion for you!

Do you have a favorite handbag designer that you admire?

       I think a few houses have my heart. Louis Vuitton is a classic favorite, currently CELINE, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, I see them doing their thing. 

What’s next for Emily Cho?

     A complete collection of maybe clothing/ shoes in 2016. A pop up Hamptons store in 2015!

What’s in your bag?

     Haha everything! Money, gum, lip-gloss and sunglasses.