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An Interview with a Celebrity Stylist

An Interview With The

Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Guru


What made you become a stylist?  
When I entered the fashion industry by working a retail job somehow, along the lines, I organically fell in love with the effects of styling. I found it unbelievable that by helping someone look and feel there best, I had the ability to give them more confidence and comfort with who they were.

How did you get your start?
I started by working in retail at Scoop in East Hampton when I was 17. After breaking sales records during my first month of working, what was then a summer job, I realized “hey, I’m actually good at this” and that this could be more than just fun!

How would you define your personal style?
My personal style is inconsistent as it is based on my mood and the weather, which are ever changing. However, I do have some signature styles I am known for such as: Vintage rock tees, archival Chanel, pearls, mixed hardwares, hats/ hair accessories, and local collectibles from my international travels.

Who or what inspires you on a daily basis?
I am inspired mostly from my surroundings and the past.

What is your favorite look from the spring 2013 runways?
I was happy to see a lot of lace on the runways for S/S 2013. I love lace!

What always catches your eye when you’re shopping?
The word: Vintage!

What is the most meaningful thing in your closet and why?

My gold “Lauren” necklace with little pearls on each side of my name… My Daddy gave me it for Hanukah when I was a little girl and I rarely take it off. For the record- I had mine many years before the character Carrie Bradshaw existed. I hate when people say I have the “Carrie” necklace, cause I think of mine as my “Daddy’s Girl Forever” necklace.

What is your favorite store and why?
What Goes Around Comes Around is hands down my favorite store! Aside from the Soho location being my home away from home and the WGACA team being a second family by now (I’ve been a customer since they opened in ‘93), I love that visiting WGACA is always an adventure and an experience… Everything from my favorite vintage concert tees to archival Chanel comes from there. It is my favorite playground in NYC!!! The one in LA is becoming a favorite as well since I’ve been visiting the west coast so often lately.

What has been your favorite client styling moment?

Styling my first show for Mercedes Benz Fashion week and realizing “Wow, this is a big deal!!!” I truly am really blessed and grateful to do something that I love everyday. Getting paid to do it is a major bonus.

Which celeb would you love to style?
Someone I would love to style is Zoë Deschanel! She is one of my favorite women in Hollywood and I’d love to be the one to give her a “moment” on the red carpet. She kinda kicks ass.

What are the top five items every woman needs in her closet?
1. Go-to little black dress that no matter what your mood you always feel confident (also it’s easy to dress it up or down)
2. Strand of pearls
3. Oversized sunglasses for the days you just aren’t feeling it
4. Black leather jacket
5. Black/neutral pumps that are high and sexy, but also comfortable enough to dance in as you never know where a fun night may lead

Any fashion trend that you are just not feeling?
Hard to answer this one… I don’t follow trends, I like to make my own. That being said, I do strongly dislike polka dots. Pin dots are fine, but polka dots make me uncomfortable. Weird, I know, but true.

If you could choose any celebrity to “make-over” who would it be and why?
Christina Aguilera. She is my favorite female vocalist and I really believe her voice is truly G-d sent. I think if her style was as fly as her vocal pipes she could be an even bigger star than she already is.

Which celebrity in your opinion has flawless style?
Gwen Stefani.

In haste what are your go-to items?

Audemars Piguet Millenary watch, vintage Chanel belt and bag, Rag & Bone dark skinny jeans, Chanel ballet flats, a vintage concert tee, “Lauren” necklace, ring from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and tons of wrist candy including M. Cohen, Electric Picks, Ariel Gordon, and my favorite bracelets I bought from some children on the streets in Punta Del Este Uruguay. And if I’m really rushing I’ll definitely wear a hat to save time; the hat will probably be a vintage
bowler/fedora or if new, by Christy’s or Sherels.

Name 3 fashion rules you never break?
1.Your best accessory is your confidence. If you can’t wear that, you may as well stay home.
2.If you want to wear gold AND silver, wear at least one visible piece that combines both hardwares
3.No tights with peep toe shoes


Hope you enjoyed the interview with Lauren Rae Levy as much as I have and maybe became a little inspired to discover the fashion stylist within!!!

Lessons of the day:
*Every girl needs:
1.A little black dress
2.A strand of pearls
3.High stilettos that you can dance in (who would of thought)
4.Oversized sunglasses
5.A leather jacket
*Go on an adventure to your local vintage store for some unique fashion finds that you can make new again!
*Your best accessory is your confidence. So, rock it girls!!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle