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Altering Kate


     So this one time I altered a Kate Moss for Topshop frock.  Yes, no need to adjust your screen you read it correctly- I, Dara Michelle, altered a Kate Moss design.  Yes Kate Moss- the fashion icon- to which I would give away my first born just for 5 minutes alone in her closet (just kidding)- the effortless chic- who makes anything cool- Kate- you know, that one!?

      Don’t get me wrong- when I first stumbled across the Kate Moss for Topshop number it immediately caught my eye.  (I die over anything with feathers #justsayin).  However, as I held the dress up I did notice the asymmetrical detail along the hemline, and was totally thrown.  I mean- I get it- it’s very “Kate” like to take something basic (in this scenario a hemline) and make it completely unique.  However, in some cases, less is more and this just happened to be such a case.  The hemline was totally over designed and actually took away from the gorgeous feathers at the bust, which in my humble opinion, was the prettiest part of the dress.  With exactly 30 minutes before carpool I had to act fast- and fast I did!!!  I immediately had the sales team call the seamstress into my dressing room.  She arrived in a record-breaking 6 minutes!  We cut the dress making it shorter and made the hem straight across.   With all the pins in place- the feathers became the focal point – and it instantly went from “this is interesting” to a major “WOW”!!!  The dress was ready for pick-up in less than 24 hours and I was even able to wear it to a friends wedding the following evening- styling it with Valentinos, Chanel and emeralds (obviously)!!! 

 Dear Kate,

     Not to worry- I’m still your biggest fan!!!

 xoxo Dara Michelle