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A Yogi’s Take On Fashion

So I was enjoying my soy latte (my drink of choice because the soy milk is naturally sweet therefore no yucky chemicals or artificial sweeteners are needed) waiting for my yoga class to begin when my yoga teacher Javier Wilensky sat down and joined me.  Since we had some time before class and my laptop was up and running (obviously), what’s a fashion blogger to do but show their yoga teacher their latest NBC segment on closet revamping!!!  What happened next??? Leave it to a yogi to take a fashion segment and turn it in to a metaphor for life.   He spoke about how truly paramount this segment was and the deeper meaning and valuable lesson behind it.   “If you let go of things that don’t serve you and no longer make you feel good and bring love and light into your life than you open up space and make room for new light to enter your life.” An extra bonus, donating these items can give “light” to someone else which, in turn, can give you “light.”  So, if you’ve been reluctant to turn inward and begin the “cleaning out” process know that only good things will come from it! Promise!!!  And who knows that “new light” may come in the form of a designer handbag from your “need it” list!!!

With Love and Light,
xoxo Dara Michelle

nbc 6 frame shot