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A Wardrobe Pick-Me-Up

Has your closet become an endless sea of black, white, and gray?  With today’s crazy schedule of carpools, taking your little ones to gymnastics, soccer practice, a play-date, etc. who has time for color?!  It’s all about getting dressed in a hurry and if your alarm (by alarm I mean a certain adorable 6-year-old that wakes you up at the glorious hour (not) of 6am ready for the day) you barely open your eyes before you have to throw something on.  What’s a girl to do besides grab your basic neutrals? I totally get it (I’m a little guilty of this too) but there is a way to break up the monotony of our closets- and that is with the statement shoe!  Picture your basic jeans and white t-shirt with hot pink stilettos or black skinny jeans with a black tank and funky leopard shoesThe statement shoe is all you need for a little wardrobe pick-me-up!!! On a personal note, is it weird that hot designer shoes always makes me feel 10 years younger? Since my little princesses often give me tired circles under my eyes these days I’ll take all the help I can get (including paying a ridiculous amount of money for eye cream from the lady at the La Mer beauty counter promising it will change my life… I’ll let you know when that happens)! Check out my favorite statement shoes below! With all the amazing designer shoes sales going on I highly recommend you picking up a few major ones stat!!! Happy shopping!


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