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A Happily Ever After


     With Kimye's nuptials coming and going I think it's safe to say that wedding season has officially begun!!! So naturally what happens next- you find yourself shopping (isn't that always the case though) for the perfect "wedding guest" attire.  My "hunt" for the perfect black-tie ensemble didn't seem to go so well and appeared to be more of a challenge than anticipated- with a happily ever after of course!!!

     After shopping for days- and I mean you name it and I tried it on- I could not find one thing. Not one dress made me want to say the words- I love it! With the wedding date coming closer months turned into weeks and, then, I was finally left with 3 days to find a dress. At this point I was on the verge of a fashion emergency, which meant there was only one person to turn too- my mom -the eternal optimist (like when both girls are having temper tantrums at the same time she's there to remind me how truly blessed I am to have 2 healthy, beautiful girls who one day- quicker than I could imagine- will be so big that I'll be missing these moments yes -she insists- even moments like this). So anyway where were we- oh yes (how could I forget) we were shopping!!! For some reason I always have good luck when shopping with my mom. And this time I got luckier beyond my wildest imagination.

     So this is how it went down- the place BCBG. Just a little background story: In a haste, I typically begin my “black-tie” hunts here because a) I usually love their dresses and b) the fit is always perfection (with less then 72 hours before the big day that was a must with no time for alterations).  So, there I was in the midst of the spring/summer gowns and I was totally and utterly disappointed. Literally- nothing appealed to me. Everything I saw felt like I had seen seasons prior but now in different colors. I was about to walk out of the door when there it was- the sickest black tuxedo jumper I'd ever seen. I immediately thought, “Could this work!?” At the same time (apparently a mind-reader also) my mom said, “This could totally work!” Once on I took one look in the full length and immediately felt like Bianca Jagger circa 1975!!! My mom- born of that era-loved it too! So there I was leaving the mall with a tuxedo in hand and less then 72 hours until the event- mission accomplished!!!

The only thing left now were in the details. And those details were pretty awesome (if I do say so myself). They were (in no particular order of adoration):

Bag: Silver Chanel

Shoes: YSL tributes in silver croc

Necklace: Major statement crystal choker (which totally accentuated the plunging neckline) by BCBG

Eyes: Smokey with false lashes by Mac

Lip: Nude by Mac

Hair: Big ultra feminine curls (to counter the masculinity of the tux) by Mor from iSalon

     And the best part about this whole look (yes even better than the Chanel- well fine, maybe equally as good) was that it totally had life after this lonely black-tie event!  This was far from the "one night stand" I'd usually experience with the gowns I'd typically wear.  I actually saw myself possibly wearing this for NYE, a sexy night out with my hubby, a chic dinner party, a fundraiser... And  the list goes on!  Check out my tuxedo look below and remember girls- don't ever give up hope!  Sometimes, when you least expect it, you find exactly what you're looking for!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle