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A Bipartisan Amendment

I’m a die-hard Louboutin fan like the next girl; obsessed with shoes and have always lived by the rule the higher the better!  True story: One of my best friends, who lived by the same creed, lost feeling in her pinkie toe permanently as a sacrifice of sorts for hot, high shoes!  I actually asked her the other day if given the opportunity would she have done things differently her answer: Absolutely not!!!  It wasn’t until last month one night at LIV, a super hot night club in Miami, (yes believe it or not this mommy of two still appreciates a dancing on tables kind of night) where my feet were in agony so I had no choice but to part from my 160mm Louboutins and although my shoes were safely hidden in a drawer under the table, I was a little disappointed that my gorgeous shoes had to remain under wraps for the duration of the night.  I mean what’s the point of having over-the-top, glamorous kicks if you can’t even share their beauty with the world.  Furthermore, my totally chic ensemble had now been altered since it now lacked shoes.  That’s like eating plain vanilla ice-cream without any toppings (boring) and besides, dancing barefoot just doesn’t feel as sexy. 

Maybe I’ve become a feminist in my old age but that’s when I decided that this rule (the higher the shoes the better) needed a serious amendment!!!  I decided that “going out” shoes must be placed into two categories.  There would be dinner shoes  (This is where my 160mm Louboutins would live) defined by shoes that you wear to simply walk through a restaurant, to your table, and then thankfully sit down admiring their beauty from your cushy seat.  After dinner you walk back through the restaurant, into your car (which was valeted), and return home period.  Then there are dinner and dancing shoes.  Defined by shoes that are just as sexy yet must be COMFOTABLE enough to dance in all night.  Every girl must own both.  Your feet will thank you!  If only I would have thought of this in college my best friend may still have feeling in her littlest toe.  Let’s not sacrifice any more tootsies for the sake of hot shoes.  Check out some of my favorite gorgeous yet comfy shoes, and some tips on what to look for when searching for that dancing shoe below!!!
Dara Michelle


Be comfy in your shoes so you can dance all night!!!


Styles with a slight platform tend to be more comfortable as they minimize the angle and pressure on the ball of the foot making these Jimmy Choos a staple in every girl’s closet!


The slightly rounded tip on these sparkly Kate Spade dreams
provide extra room for your tooties making them extra comfortable!



By enclosing the instep these booties have an added benefit of preventing the feet from sliding forward which can be very painful.  Another added bonus the chic lace detail!

By enclosing the instep these booties have an added benefit of preventing the feet from sliding forward. Another added bonus: The chic lace detail!


With the heel height of approximately 2 1/2 inches, adjustable straps, and leather lining these Valentino “Rockstud” pumps are equal parts glamor and comfort!!!

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