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An interview with Romi Alhalel & Allyson Papunen of

Lola James Jewelry


How did you start your label?

We started designing and creating pieces for ourselves.  Before we knew it everyone was asking how they could get them.  We met after establishing our own lines and decided that teaming up would be more fun so we combined forces.

How does it work having 2 designers working on one label? Do you each design separate pieces or do you work together?

More often than not, one of us comes up with a design idea and the other one immediately has a way to improve upon it. Our designs are a true collaboration. It’s a very organic process.

What kind of person wears your jewelry? 

We are our target customers. Our jewelry is both luxurious and affordable. Our target customer loves fashion and loves to layer and incorporate jewelry into their everyday wardrobe.

As designers, where do you draw your inspiration from? 

We are inspired by fashion trends and incorporating them into our everyday life. We are always looking for inspiration: A color, a shape, a material that catches our eye.  We have an appreciation for all types of jewelry but create pieces that we would wear.

What’s it like to see someone on the street wearing one of your creations? 

It is amazing!  It is a huge sense of accomplishment to know that people love our pieces!

What are upcoming trends in the jewelry design industry?

What’s hot in jewelry mirrors fashion trends we are currently seeing on the runways.  Layering is always popular and emerald green is all the rage right now!

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special?

We have so many pieces that are special to us.  It is impossible to choose!  Some of our favorites include: Want, Love, Need bracelets, Luck Necklace, Smokin’ Hot bracelet, Simply Chic necklace, and our Light My Sapphire necklace.

What accessory red carpet moment do you find most memorable?

Who can forget those emerald green earrings Angelina Jolie wore to the 2009 Academy Awards.  Amazing!

Do you have a favorite jewelry designer that you admire? 

We have always loved Chanel jewelry.  It is classy, elegant and timeless.

Name a Lola James piece that everyone should have. 

Our Want, Love, Need bangles are a must just like their name!

What is next for Lola James? 

We are currently working on our Fall 2013 collection.  It is going to be our best yet! Definitely stay tuned to check it out!

How do you choose your jewelry for day/night?

For day we are jeans and tee shirt kind of girls. Our signature look is a stack of bracelets and layered necklaces meant to compliment any basic look. For nighttime, we usually add a little more sparkle from our line. Our jewelry reflects us, and the style of its wearer, and how they chose to incorporate our jewelry into their look.

Layered necklaces!!!

Layered necklaces!!!

Stack your bangles high for a totally fun "arm party! "

Stack your bangles high for a totally fun “arm party! “

Lola James jewelry is designed by jeans and t-shirt girls who stack their bangles for an “arm party” and layer multiple necklaces giving Big style to their basic look!!! 

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