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      I realize I’m not getting any sympathy from anyone north of Palm Beach but, as far as I’m concerned, it’s officially “cold” in Miami.  I usually welcome this change because it means I get to “shop” in the chunky sweater and boots section of my closet! Typically this section has got me covered on days as such, but this morning I woke up to a not only cold day but a rainy one as well.  And that’s when it happened…. a moment of truth that all fashionistas have at some point when they’re alone in their closet.  The dreaded: I have nothing to wear!!!  Obviously I’m good with umbrellas (this is Miami) so I finally caught my breathe after realizing my fav leather motorcycle jacket (the only thing that would keep me warm) wasn’t going to get ruined.  Finally, I came to terms with the fact that there was a huge gap in my closet in regards to a necessary wardrobe staple.  What I was missing was a seriously major, fabulous trench coat!!!  Arriving at Burberry (the quintessential trench coat haven) I realized this moment was truly a fashion blessing in disguise!  Don’t you just love happy endings!?  Check out my favorite trench coat looks below.


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