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An interview with Taylor King: Wifey, mother and co-founder of Haute Vault.




Think rocking expensive jewels “on loan” are just for celebrities…. Hollywood starlets who get hand selected by a particular designer who then, collaborate with that celebrity’s stylist in an effort to create a MAJOR RED CARPET MOMENT complete with breathtaking bling?!! Well think again!!! Now, we can all indulge and have our very own MAJOR FASHION MOMENT thanks to Hautevault.com.  “A company featuring a members-only, online portal for fine jewelry and luxury timepiece RENTALS (with the option to purchase should a member so desire).”  With four easy steps: Rent, Receive, Rock, and Return you too can feel like a celebrity and bring the red carpet to any occasion!!  Think of it as having a one-night stand with the hottest boy ever.  Except this “boy” comes in the form of diamonds, doesn’t talk, and sparkles!!!  Sounds amazing, right?!!  Below I catch up with co-founder (her partner is her adorable hubby Jono) of Hautevault.com and dear friend Taylor King.  This hottie is a devoted wife, loving mother, and runs a company and does it all in stilettos and diamonds!!!

This one time, I was in her kitchen and saw it all go down first hand.  I walk in and there’s Taylor pureeing organic peas (for her patiently waiting daughter) in 160mm Louboutin’s, a Herve Leger bandage dress, and all her jewels and I’m thinking holy sh*& this girl is thehottest thing I’ve ever seen. I thought, “Whatever she’s taking I’ll have two please!”  We needed to have a sit down ASAP…. so I could get to the bottom of all this hotness going on.  I needed to know everything!!!!  Check out my interview below and don’t be surprised if you find yourself making your next meal in stilettos too!   Who knew motherhood could be so sexy!!!!

xoxo Dara Michelle

What was your inspiration behind Haute Vault?
Wanting to change the way people wear, experience, and buy jewelry and watches. We wanted people to have what they wanted, and not have to wait a lifetime to wear the watch or jewels of their dreams. Since we allow our members to rent, and use part of their rental equity to purchase, it’s a savvy way to enjoy the luxury jewelry experience.

What is it like to build a business with your hubby?
He is my best friend and soul mate so it was totally natural, exciting, sometimes crazy, and an incredible learning process. Being together as much as possible was the whole point…we are a good team. We have grown together as entrepreneurs, individually and as couple, learning so much throughout the process. You learn that making mistakes are ok!

How do you define luxury? 
When you feel that confidence of knowing you have achieved something great, be it getting an infant out of a temper tantrum or selling your company for a profit. When you have that swagger that comes from your inner goddess knowing she just kicked some wife, mommy or business ass. Feeling totally amazing and reveling in your experience, being able to share time with the people you love, knowing you nailed a look you were trying, a dose of sparkle and a tasteful timepiece and amazing food and vino….or all of the above. Ok , that’s a little fluffy, but true. -Of course, everyone’s definition varies, but mine personally always includes all of the above and my hubby, my baby girl, sick shoes,  & DIAMONDS BABY!!!!!!

Who is your ideal client?
Everyone who loves watches and jewelry

Is there one piece in “The Vault” that you think every woman/man should experience wearing?
For men, it’s the first dream watch or the next collector’s piece they want to try…An IWC Big Pilot or Portofino or a Breguet are so highly coveted. For women, it’s the ultimate diamond Necklace and Diamond Chandelier Earrings. We have many amazing sets at Hautevault.com, there is a difference when you wear real diamonds ( women actually make primal noises, it happens every time they try on or wear a piece), now we make it accessible to everyone!

What comes first outfit or jewelry?
It depends…mostly I buy classics, with a few trends mixed in-I am a chameleon and love to play with different styles, but I am like a little girl when we acquire a new piece, I love to style around the jewels. But, at the end of the night, the jewels stay on, the dress doesn’t:)

What do you look for when choosing a piece of jewelry for “The Vault?”
I like to make sure we have something for everyone in every price range.  I want to make glamour, diamonds, jewels, watches and luxury accessible to everyone.  We also consider things we would like to see each other in.

In a haste what’s your “go to” piece of jewelry?
My diamond Riviera necklace & wedding band because I always want to feel like my husband is with me.  My necklace was my push present for having my daughter. Two of the best days of my life are when I married my husband and gave birth to my daughter and each of these pieces symbolizes that.

What’s your secret for managing motherhood, wifeyhood, and owning your own business, and doing it all in diamonds?
Having a lot of patience, setting realistic expectations, and picking my battles. I try to savor every moment with my family and let myself truly be present. I always take care of my hubby in everyway and when I feel sexy and beautiful, it makes my confidence soar, with that, I can tackle anything. I have learned with motherhood to embrace the imperfections of daily life and roll with it.


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Does your wardrobe need a little pick-me-up? Well before you head out to do some major damage on your Amex the easiest way to amp up your game is with some super glamorous, super chic sunnies!!! And don’t fret about splurging a little on a pair that you die for.  The great thing about this accessory is you can rock it all year long from season to season.  Sunglass hunting should be fun so be sure to play around with different shapes, styles and colors.  Varying your sunglasses is a simple way to give the same outfit a whole new look!!!  For example, think of your basic cut-off jean shorts and white t and add a funky red cat-eye frame for a fun, edgy look.  Take this same basic ensemble and give it a more boho vibe by channeling your inner hippie with some 70’s-esque round frames.  Well now we know why Nicole Richie owns as many pairs of sunglasses as there are stars in a night sky!!! Sometimes a great sunnie is all a girl needs to catapult her look to chic status!!! Check out my favorite sunglass styles below!

Time to head into the future with this sci-fi look.  The ultra-reflective lenses have a more casual vibe and are best worn on your dressed down days!

image image image image image image

All you need is love!  Channel your inner John Lennon with these round shaped sunglasses but, now updated with thicker frames and contrasting colors.

image image image image image image image

I’m obsessed with the retro 50′s style, über chic cat-eye frames.  What I love about this look?  Sexy yet versatile these style sunnies can easily take you from  daytime errands to an evening cocktail party!!!  An extra bonus: The cat-eye looks flattering on almost all face shapes!

image image image image image image image image

This boyish silhouette first came onto the scene in the 50s. Known as “brow-line” glasses back then, Ray Ban popularized the design when it introduced the “Wayfarer Max” and “Clubmaster” in the 80s. Today, the glasses still retain its clean, retro appeal but get updated with funky hues! 



image image image image image image image

It’s all about making a fashion statement with these style shades.  Think of your favorite shades but now adorned with jewels, crystals and funky prints.  This style looks best when the rest of your outfit is kept simple or solid. Most importantly, this style is all about fun so make sure you’re having lots of it when rocking your embellished shades!!!


imageimage image image image image


And if you’re having a princess moment then your must have shape is the heart (obviously)!!! Check out how my two favorite girls (who have princess moments daily) rocked theirs!!!


Photo cred goes to the über talented and mom of three Courtney Ortiz!

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Swim season is upon us, so it’s time to discuss the top trends for sun bathing (in a high SPF and sunhat so Dr. Donna Martin, and no this is not a 90210 reference but the name of my very awesome dermotologist, is kept happy)!!!  Check out her blog This Derm’s Life here!  From the ultra feminine to graphic and edgy, designers have swim fully covered this season.  Check out my favorite looks below!

Swimsuit Trend: Mix prints.

Just as we saw in ready-to-wear, the “mix print” trend has made its way to swimwear as well. My favorite part (and your wallets too)- you get four bikini looks with only two suit purchases!!! As far as prints go, the wilder the better: Mix floral, stripes, checks, animal print, etc… to get the most fun out of this chic swimsuit trend!!!

image imageimage image image image image 


Swimsuit Trend: Crochet Accents

Crochet accents lend a relaxed boho vibe to your beach look but still scream sexy!!!



Swimsuit Trend: Cutouts

Cutouts are another huge trend to come poolside for summer 2013. Not ready for a bare it all bikini- don’t fret!!! A cutout one-piece is a great alternative to a skimpy two-piece and is just as sexy!!! Don’t think you need to stick to solid black either. A bold print like the one I wore on NBC can be a head-turning stunner as well!!! You can get yours at  www.theorchidboutique.com

image image image

Swimsuit Trend: Fringe

Think fringe is just for Western boots and suede jackets? Well, think again!!!
Swimsuits with fringe are super hot this season and give any suit a flirty feel.  Remember fringe can accentuate your curves so if you’re boyish, opt for a suit with fringe around the hips or bust line. If you’re more curvaceous on the bottom stick with fringe on just the top.

imageimage image imageimageimageimage


Swimsuit Trend: Graphic One-Pieces

A realistic print of outer space, an animal, or landscape are no longer reserved for just your wall.  This season, swimsuits with digitalized graphics are all the rage giving your swimsuit a totally cool vibe.  A bold suit like this must be worn with confidence so bring yours along with some ultra cool sunnies to your next aquatic adventure!!!

image image image


Swimsuit Trend: High-Waisted Bikinis

High-waisted bikinis are having a major moment this season. The cut is both feminine and flattering, and a welcome (and slimming) alternative to side-tie bikini bottoms.  Remember, however, to avoid high leg cutouts or you’ll be bringing back the 80’s instead of channeling the über chic 50s!!  Add oversized, round sunnies and a wide-brim sun hat to complete your retro look!!

 image image image image

Swimsuit Trend: Ruffles

Flirty ruffles were all over the runway and are a godsend for girly girls who want to add a little oomph up top. (I know, personally, I could use a little help in that department)!

image image image image image image

So grab your chic sunnies and über stylish swimsuit (assuming this is post bikini wax) and get ready to rock your inner mermaid!!!  See you at the beach!!!


xoxo Dara Michelle





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